Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lyrics story

Brett Beattie
Hour 2
The Script
The story would start with a man kneeling by a bed. There are very dim colors, dark blues, grays and black. He has his hands like he is praying, it is raining outside. He gets up and slowly walks to the kitchen and grabs himself a glass from the cabinet. He turns to the sink and turns it on and puts the empty glass under it. He is looking out the window and shuts the water off. He takes a sip from the glass, turns and walks into the living room where the blinds are open and the TV is off.. He leans on the edge of the window and stairs outside while it rains. He takes another drink of his water and sits down in a chair. Then he is just sitting in a chair starring at a glass of water as if he is waiting for something to happen. The story jumps to a lady around 25 year’s old sitting at a table at a coffee shop with two friends. The first friend is blonde with blue eyes and a gray and blue coat. The other is a brunet with a brown coat. The lady has black hair and is laughing and smiling with her friends and then takes a sip of her coffee. All three get up and leave money on the table and walk out of the coffee shop and take a left down the street. They are in a very urban environment with many cars a taxi while surrounded by tall modern buildings. It jumps back to the man sitting in the chair and he gets a vision of him and this lady with the black, he is sitting in the same chair as she walks in the front door, he asks where she has been and she says it doesn’t matter, he gets a concerned look and puts his head down and she puts her coat on the coat hanger and walks into the hallway.
Then it jumps to a scene that shows him in a diner moving his scrambled eggs with a fork as he looks miserable. He looks up and sees the black haired girl walking past the diner crossing arms with a man. She is happy and content and she puts her head on the man’s shoulder as she goes out of his vision. Then he is lying in bed looking out into the rain with a sad look on his face and then he looks at the clock and its 2:30 in the morning and he turns and grabs his hair and pulls his hands down his face. Then she is in another bed sleeping with a little smile on her face. It goes back to the main guy and he is sitting at the end of his bed staring into the closet with part of the carpet pushed down from a suitcase. He looks up into the light on the ceiling and it goes to a flashback where he is standing by the entrance to the bedroom and she is putting clothes into the suitcase on the bed. She then closes the suitcase and walks between him and the door and he turns as she walks past. He yells please don’t go but she just keeps walking down the hall and turns towards the door and opens it. She turns and says, “I’m sorry.” And walks out the door and closes it behind her. He then crashes to the ground on his knees and buries his head in his hands, he mumbles, “What did I do? What did I do?”. He picks his head out of his hands and has tears running down his face as he hears a car pull away. He gets up and sits on the couch looking at a picture of the girl which is on the table next to the couch. His facial expressions shows he is in pain and that he feels lost. He lies down on the couch and stairs at the wall as it rains outside. A bolt of lightning flashes and the thunder comes soon after. The man gets up and slowly drags himself to the bedroom where he sits down and runs his hands through his hair from front to back. He slides into bed and pulls the comforter over his head and his face is still wet from the tears earlier. He then wakes up, looks at the ceiling if something is there and rolls over to see the far side of the bed. Nothing is there and one tear falls from his right eye. He steps out of bed and kneels next to the bed with his head in between his arms. He gets up and slowly makes his way to the kitchen where he grabs a glass from the counter and slowly fills it up with water. He takes a sip and slowly turns, he takes several steps into the living room. The blinds are down and the TV is off. He sits down in the chair and takes another sip of his water.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Go animate Missing Milk by prodigy snipes18

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

May project

Im going to do a go animate project. I will probalbly do some funny sports thing or a cop trying to catch a bad guy. both of which will be funny. lfsfdfssdssslsslsslsslssslsslsfjfieieiwiwowoxnnnxofowpaureapqwertyuiop[]\';lkjhgfdsazxcvbnm,./

i think this new website or software will be fun, animations are always fun so this whould be too. I like how you can put the characters behind things, some websites you cant move things forward and back which is really anooying. The hardest part i think is going to be creating a story line because there are so many ideas to choose from.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Collabrative thoughts

I think google docs worked very well for our group. It kept everything in one place and kept it simple and efficent. They should create like a brainstomring aspect where there are pre made webs that you can fill in with your own ideas so we could all share our ideas that way. Using google docs was a great way to keep everything simple. I dont think a childrens story was a good idea because they are so short, it should of had been a short story like 20 full pages or so, then collaborating would of been needed more. I thought our story was good, kind of basic though. I thought the teddy bear was a clever idea and could actually be published if it had some good pictures and a little bit more detail. The fiction one's werent that appealing to me because they were so long.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I think we will still have television but it will be more online. Our tv's will be integrated with the internet so we can choose when we want shows and those can be integrated with ipods so you can watch them anywhere. The future of tv willbe more convienent for the consumer and advertising will have to adapt by having commercials within the show and not have breaks for it. I think tv will be a lot faster in the sense that you can take it where ever you want and watch the shows you want to watch whenever you want. The new maps will hopefully come out may 4th for cod on the ps3, for sure gonna buy them as soon as i can. Bailout looks great and the new title will be sick.

Monday, April 19, 2010

E-mail Etiquette

1. Meaningful subject line
2. Punctuate correctly
3. Write in word then copy paste
4. Careful in humor
5. Respond quickly